Monday Panel Descriptions

Flowers for your hair and hats (Bayshore at 9:00 AM)

Join Vanessa on Monday Morning as she walks you through how to turn all kinds of things into great accessories for your hair & hats. Glitter, Rhinestones, Skulls, Small animals or bugs, Clock parts or gears. Really all it takes is an imagination and a grab bag full of stuff. And the Spirit, fashion sense, and willingness to Rock your own style. Never wear a hat that has more personality than you do! therefore let’s go nuts! Want to earn fashionista Karma points, or a snazzy ribbon for your badge? It’s easy, just bring a small cash donation to help cover the cost of supplies or bring some supplies to share. Here are some examples: Fake Flowers Buttons Clock parts Lace Wire Feathers Ribbons And useful supplies: Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Superglue or craft glue Felt Hair fasteners As a general note: Can’t contribute more than enthusiasm and a smile? It’s okay! We’ll take it. An honest “Thank You” and a minute to help clean up goes a long way.

BoF: "20 13s" Crossword Puzzle (Central at 9:00 AM)

Got stuck solving Merl Reagle's "20 13s" crossword puzzle? Share tips on how to solve crosswords whlle Mike Higashi shows you how to figure this one out.

Zombie Survival Plan Redux (Camino Real at 9:00 AM)

We have yet again survived another year without the zombie apocalypse.  Mathematically speaking, that only means that a zombie attack is more likely this year.  What have you done to update your zombie survival plan since last year's BayCon?

Lest We Forget... (San Tomas at 9:00 AM)

A time to remember those we have lost who have influenced Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The basics of making footwear (Lafayette at 9:00 AM)

Learn patterns and basic methods for building a show or boot for your costume! A good jumping off point for costumer footwear.

Comfort Reads (Central at 11:00 AM)

What books do you grab when you just want something light to read? What are your guilty pleasure reads? What books make you feel better?

Leatherwork 101 (Bayshore at 11:00 AM)

Leather makes everything better! Learn to cut, decorate, and rivet as you make an instantly-useful belt-mounted thing-holder. You can use it for your coffee mug, keys, fantasy weapon, bull whip, cleaning rag, spyglass, rum, ladle, soap-on-a-rope, or whatever. All materials will be provided — enough for about 20 students at no cost.

BoF: Ingress (Alameda at 11:00 AM)

An opportunity for agents of both factions in the Google/Niantic augmented-reality game "Ingress" to meet, swap war-stories, discuss strategies, make new contacts, and catch up on the latest news. Also an opportunity to arrange for inventory swapping.

Home Design with the Fan in Mind (Camino Real at 11:00 AM)

A Tardis closet? Water closet? Book shelf? Cat toy? Should that be crossed light sabres over the mantel, or two phaser rifles?

Epic Battles: James Bond vs Doctor Who (Lawrence at 11:00 AM)

Sociological and cultural perspectives on the British Cold War Alpha Male.

Conversation with the Artistic Solutions Board (San Tomas at 11:00 AM)

An open conversation with the Board of Directors of Artistic Solutions, the parent corporation of BayCon.

Frankenstein's 195th Anniversary: Still Scary? (Lafayette at 11:00 AM)

He doesn't sparkle, want to eat your brains, or bite you during the full moon - but still scary?

Girl Centric Stories (Winchester at 11:00 AM)

Girls, Women - AS the main character, and how a different point of view sees and solves problems.

What Scares Us Now? (Ballroom A at 11:00 AM)

We're no longer afraid of vampires, fire-breathing dragons, or falling off the edge of the earth. There are still plenty of things to be afraid of, most of them hyped by the evening news.

Embroidery and cross stitch – Blackwork, embelishments and geekery (Bayshore at 1:00 PM)

We’ve all seen the embroidery samplers and pillows, but embroidery doesn’t have to be just for your grand-mothers anymore. Join Nathalie on Monday and she will show you some easy ways to add some pizazz to your handkerchiefs, some wow to your tops, or some fancy black-work to your ren-faire outfit. We will do a mix of free form embroidery and cross-stich, and there will be everything from geometric patterns, flowers and leaves, to geektastic bits you can add to things. All supplies will be provided, although it you have something specific you want to embroider, bring it.

Ties that Bind: The Enduring Appeal of Media Tie-in Fiction (Ballroom A at 2:00 PM)

What's the appeal of media tie-in fiction?  What is it about some created worlds that make them so difficult to leave?  For many, reading and writing this is something of a guilty pleasure, but why does it make you feel so guilty?

Zombie Apocalypse and the Utopian Tradition (Lafayette at 2:00 PM)

Explore the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of the utopian tradition, and trace the evolution of the genre from William Morris' News from Nowhere in 1890, to John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids, to Max Brooks' World War Z, asking along the way why it is that cataclysm, rather than evolution, has become the main catalyst for social change in the early 21st Century imagination.

How to Build a Real Spaceship (Camino Real at 2:00 PM)

HOW TO BUILD A SPACESHIP and make a load of money and have fun doing it.

Art Auction (Winchester at 2:00 PM)

Come watch and bid as the artwork that received four bids in the Art Show goes under the gavel. There’s no set auction order, so make sure you’re there early to get that piece you really wanted. If you’re still looking for that unique BayCon 2012 souvenir, come do some last-minute shopping.

Closing Ceremonies / Hiss and Purr (Winchester at 4:00 PM)

Join our Guests of Honor and Toastmasters as the fun ride comes to an end and we bid a fond farewell to BayCon 2013! After a short break, it will be followed by your chance to give feedback on this year's BayCon.