Saturday Panel Descriptions

Special Effects Make-up - Easy Effects from the Kitchen (Bayshore at 9:00 AM)

Kids' Spooky Cartoons and Cereal - 3rd floor (Other 5 at 9:00 AM)

Join the gang as they share spooky fun cartoons and offer "spooky" cereal for kids and their parents.

BoF: Twilight (Central at 9:00 AM)

Come talk about the pros and cons of this interesting series of books and movies.

Cultural Norms Affecting this Generation of People with Autism (Winchester at 9:00 AM)

How do today's cultural norms impact, positively or negatively, people with autism?

Disney: Taking Over the World One Fandom at a Time (Lafayette at 9:00 AM)

All hail Disney! Disney is taking over the world. With recent purchases of Marvel Comics, Pixar Studios, and Lucas Films, compounded by several blockbuster movie franchises it seems that Disney has solidified their push into the media market and for the moment can do no wrong. So the question for Disney is, what's next?

Location, Location, Location -- Setting Your Story in an SF World (San Tomas at 9:00 AM)

Your character has to live somewhere, and that somewhere needs to support the story. It's embarrassing to have a great scene all written involving bikini- or Speedo-dressed people, when they all live in the first permanent settlement on the Moon, and only landed yesterday....

Top 10 Technologies (Lawrence at 9:00 AM)

A discussion of the top 10 technologies of the last two centuries.

Editors, Agents and other Endangered Species (Camino Real at 9:00 AM)

Amazon, with its in-house eBook self-publishing and print-on-demand books, along with their own publishing deals for selected authors, is looking to completely supplant publishers, their editors, and the agents they work with. Will this be successful? Will it work? What dangers lurk behind the untrammeled masses of would-be writers?

How To Be a Better Game Master (Magnolia at 9:00 AM)

Being a good GM takes more than the ability to describe a 10' x 10' stone room with an orc guarding a chest.  Come listen to experienced gamers share their favorite tricks to take their players beyond the piled pizza boxes and immerse them in the game world.

Jewish Services (Alameda at 9:00 AM)

Please join us for Saturday morning Shabbat Torah service.

Geek Girls Plotting World Domination (Ballroom A at 9:00 AM)

Geekdom, it's not just for guys anymore! A discussion on how Geek Girls are influncing the world of SF/F, Gaming, and Comics and becoming a major force at conventions.

Masquerade 101 (Ballroom B-C-D at 9:00 AM)

New to masquerade? Whether you're entering or just going to watch, come join our experts as they explain how to enter, and how to enjoy your experience.

Science Stuff for Youngsters: Simple Kitchen and Backyard Science for the Kids (Pool Deck at 11:00 AM)

Join us and learn fun and easy ways to let your kids become backyard Rocket Scientists! Learn how to build your very own kid powered rocket for very little money--and YES it flies! We will also learn how to make a Dollar store planetarium (avg cost is $30 to make) and learn some geometry, how to make a dome, patience in building, and constellations! There will be handouts for everyone, and a limited number of kits will be available for $1 each.

How to Date a God or Goddess (Camino Real at 11:00 AM)

Finding love is hard to do, but especially when your potential mate can smite you because they are supernatural and you are just a puny mortal. Let the Knowledge Fairy and her team guide you through this crazy thing called Love, if you were to fall in love with a god or goddess of ancient mythology.

How to Live With a Creative Person (Alameda at 11:00 AM)

A discussion of the woes, challenges, and yes, the successes in living with the Artiste now known as "housemate."

Making Book Necklaces (Central at 11:00 AM)

Make mini book necklaces to wear, hang from your rear-view mirror, or use as bookmarks! You can come watch and learn, or make your own for a $3.00 supply fee - while supplies last. Great little souvenir for any book lover.

Cliff Nielsen Interview by Veronica Belmont (Ballroom B-C-D at 11:00 AM)

Cliff Nielsen interviewed by Veronica Belmont

Craft Swap (Bayshore at 11:00 AM)

Is your craft closet over flowing? Have more yarn or fabric than you will every use? Did you get supplies for a project only to realize you already had them? What ever the reason, many of us have LOTS of extra craft stuff tucked into corners, hidden in closets of shoved under the bed. Why not trade in what you don’t want for things you do?? Here is an opportunity to add new treasures while at the same time making room for them. We have had great success with the clothing swap that this year we are adding a CRAFT SUPPLY SWAP on Saturday at 11 am

Iron Gamer Design Competition (Magnolia at 11:00 AM)

Grab a team and sign up to participate in the Iron Game-Designer Challenge. Four teams will have 24 hours to design and create a game. Board games, card games, or role-playing games are all acceptable, but there is a twist: There will be a theme ingredient that must be included as a relatively main component of your game. After the 24 hours have elapsed, a panel of judges will play your game, and judge it on the following criteria: Originality, Enjoyability, Ease of Play, and Use of Theme Ingredient.

Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet (for kids) (Cypress at 11:00 AM)

Join our very lovely and talented mistress of mallets Gypsy for a game of croquet. Gear will be provided (BYO Flamingo, but be prepared to clean up after it if you do). Kids Room

Can We Stop the Violence (in Video Games)? (Lawrence at 11:00 AM)

Violence in video games is repeatedly criticized in the media.  It can be argued that some of the most popular games are the most violent.  Is it the violence itself that makes them popular, or is the violence simply a corollary?  Can we make a popular video game without violence, or does pixelated conflict require bloodshed?

Arduino Presentation (San Tomas at 11:00 AM)

This will be a panel for the grass roots digital revolution that the Arduino is creating. We will have an experts on robotics, hardware, and an assortment of hobbyists to give you a glimpse at the variety of applications the Arduino has been used in.

Fanboy Etiquette (Lafayette at 11:00 AM)

You could be everyone's favorite Fanboy, providing you listen to these helpful do's and don't from our panel of seasoned Con-goers and Guests. Learn valued secrets of how to not offend your fellow fen, and marvel at the gems of wisdom our panelists will impart.

Fans of Color in SF/F Fandom (Winchester at 11:00 AM)

What is the role of People of Color in science fiction and fantasy? The question about diversity in these genres come up again and again, yet authors and artists still seem reluctant to expand their characters. What about television and movies? There were a few that had diverse casts, however there are very few, if any leading characters that are people of color. We are continuing this conversation which engages everyone in this ongoing dialog.

13 Reasons to Visit the Vorkosiverse (Ballroom A at 11:00 AM)

Why do we go back to the books Lois McMaster Bujold has written about Miles Vorkosigan and his associates again and again? Is it the planets and societies, the plots, the family drama? Panelists discuss the elements that have made the Vorkosigan series an enduring favorite.

No-Lyrics Improv for Singers, Drummers, and Recovering Classical Musicians (Lafayette at 2:00 PM)

Love music, but don't know where to begin? Play music all the time, but rarely get to just make stuff up? Play and sing by yourself, but never get to play with other people? Join touring songwriter S. J. Tucker & cellist/songwriter Betsy Tinney for a little bit of thinking outside the box and singing/playing outside the lines. All experience levels welcome- ESPECIALLY if you've never had the chance to improvise before (read: are trained within an inch of your life to play the notes on the page). All instruments welcome- no amps and no egos allowed. This is about community and making some sweet noise together.

BoF: Hunger Games (Pool Deck at 2:00 PM)

Three books, a movie, and the evil Gov't - what's not to love and discuss?

Strange Synergy (Magnolia at 2:00 PM)

In a place beyond time, teams of super-powered fighters battle to the death. For universal mastery? For glory? Or just because there’s nothing on TV? Let’s go. Players design their superhero teams and launch them in to battle in this fast-paced and unpredictable card game.

Arduino Workshop I (Bayshore at 2:00 PM)

<pre> You will be able to make one of the following with your cash prepayemnt for supplies:Projects available to work on are: Kit Price Light Saber $61.00 Gun** $50.00 Theremin $47.00 Organ $43.00 Mood Light Nano $50.00 Mood Light ATTiny* $30.00 Badge ATTiny* $36.00 Halloween $39.00 Options: Custom molded Gun Body** $25.00 Other Items: Custom USB Drive with molded Body $15.00 Baycon Auto RGB Badges $15.00 Arduino Auto RGB Badges*** $10.00 * ATTiny kits use an ATTiny chip instead of a full Arduino. The chips will come fully pre programed in the kit. They are less expensive and smaller, this is important for the mood light I have designed. The downside is you will need to purchase a programer (about than $30) if you want to reprogram its function. ** Standard body for the gun is foam board. *** Get a Arduino Auto RGB Badges for free by being one of the first to prepay! Please note we will only be able to accept cash at Baycon. </pre>

Getting Published Today (San Tomas at 2:00 PM)

How to get your literary career to take off in the era of shrinking midlist and self-publishing.

Filk Hope and Parody (Camino Real at 2:00 PM)

A workshop on how to create your own filk songs.

Mars or the Moon? Or Both? (Alameda at 2:00 PM)

Which one should we be aiming for first?  Are they both necessary steps in the path?  And the path to what, exactly?  What should we do when we get there?

Trends in Art (Central at 2:00 PM)

Join us for a discussion of the current trends in Art or the Arts and where they may be heading.

Wearing Your First Costume in Public (Lawrence at 2:00 PM)

You're here among many people who will appreciate your costume. How do you get over that initial fear of rejection?

Fairy Tales and Mythology (Winchester at 2:00 PM)

What are we teaching our children about the fairy tales and mythology in today's media, or even as bedtime stories?  Are we staying true, or drifting?

Getting Girls Hooked on Science and Engineering (Ballroom A at 2:00 PM)

Ladies in lab coats:  Following in the footsteps of Madam Curie.

Lois McMaster Bujold Interview with Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt (Ballroom B-C-D at 2:00 PM)

Lois McMaster Bujold is interviewed by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt of Sword & Laser.

Deep Reading, Deep Listening (Saratoga at 4:00 PM)

The un-panel where everyone is on the panel. A structured listening experience for fans and pros to share the book that changed their lives. See more details at: Notes: Only Deborah J. Ross and Dave Trowbridge will facilitate this time. Due to room size, only the first 12 people to sign up will be admitted. Sign up begins at 4 pm on Friday at the Info Desk.

Music & Magick: Sound, Emotion, & Energy (Pool Deck at 4:00 PM)

Sound and song are magic. Music is present in literally everything - from the tiniest atom to the busiest planet. Music has the power to heal or to conjure; to stoke the fire of revolution; to ease the passing of those in pain. But how do we find the magic of music within ourselves, especially if we've never tried to find it before? What is it, for instance, that makes a lullaby work? What makes music tick? Join S. J. Tucker & Betsy Tinney as they teach their own "default settings" for musical energy work. No previous singing experience or musical training is necessary- only an open mind and heart. In this workshop, participants will: -raise their awareness of the power of sound and music in the world around them -increase confidence in their ability to utilize music as a source of energy -deepen their understanding of their personal relationship with music Please wear comfortable clothing for movement, and bring a notebook to jot down thoughts and impressions.

Lois McMaster Bujold Autographing (Hallway outside of Main Stage) (Other 5 at 4:00 PM)

Come visit our Writer Guest of Honor and get your books signed.

Researching your Costume! (San Tomas at 4:00 PM)

Where do you find that perfect costume? The most sublime fabric? A discussion of resources for finding what you need for your costume.

Future of E-publishing (Ballroom A at 4:00 PM)

Electronic Publishing is altering the publishing landscape for writers, publishers, and readers. The economics are changing, along with the distribution mechanisms. We'll examine the past and present and boldly predict the future.

Master Crafter Competition (Secret Theme) (Bayshore at 4:00 PM)

Saturday’s Master Crafter will have a secret theme – All entries will have to represent the theme. (Hint: It will be a theme that ties into our con theme, like vampires or black cats or jackolanterns for example)2-2:10 – Presentation of the SECRET THEME 2:15-3:15 – Participants have exactly 1 hour to create something, and get it to the judges table. Judges will only judge what is on the judges table by the time the buzzer rings. 3:15-3:30 – Presentations, explanations and judging. 3:30-3:45 – AWARDS

Star Munchkin (Magnolia at 4:00 PM)

Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddies in space. Join in the fun that is Space Munchkin!

Themed Reading: Urban Fantasy II (Central at 4:00 PM)

Krypton Radio! (Alameda at 4:00 PM)

Krypton Radio! Why radio can be geeky goodness, and the art and technology of running the world's only science fiction & comics radio station. With Krypton Radio executive producer Susan Fox.

Charity Auction (Camino Real at 4:00 PM)

A benefit auction for BayCon 2013's official charity, the California Autism Foundation. There will be lots of great stuff to bid on.

Halloween Carnival/Trick Or Treating & Face Painting (Saturday) (Cypress at 4:00 PM)

This for all ages - kids, teens, adults starting with a mini one for kids because they aren't allowed out after dark. We want the event to be for adults who like to dress up and have fun too. Trick or treating isn't just for kids - when you're a Horror Addict! People can drop in and out... We'd play fun Halloween music and have a few activities involving "13", curses, fears. etc...

Changing Nature of Fandom (Lawrence at 4:00 PM)

How is technology changing fandom, for better and for worse?  What's next? Should we try to keep in touch with our roots, and how do we keep those darn kids off of our lawn?

Self-Promotion and Publicity for Writers (Lafayette at 4:00 PM)

So you've figured out this whole writing thing and your work is finally out there. Wouldn't it be great if people actually bought it?  Just because the publisher bought your book doesn't mean they're going to publicize it.  Learn the whys and hows of self-promotion from the experts.

The Evolution of Pirates of Emerson. (Winchester at 4:00 PM)

Come find out about the evolution of Pirates Of Emerson. From back yard to West Coast favorite and everything in between.

Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet (Other 4 at 6:00 PM)

Join our very lovely and talented mistress of mallets Gypsy for a game of croquet. Gear will be provided (BYO Flamingo, but be prepared to clean up after it if you do).

Geek Fiber Arts (knitting/crochet/embroidery patterns) (Bayshore at 6:00 PM)

We all have our geekdoms – be it Star Trek, Harry Potter, Disney, etc… And many of us have projects that we have done that incorporates these geekdoms. Join us to learn some fun easy ways to recreating pieces from history or movies, as well as look at patterns for all kinds of fun projects. There will be patterns for all diferent levels to pick out and maybe even try. Patterns include crochet, knit, embroidery and simple costumes. BY THE WAY – Do you have a geek-tastic pattern? Bring it with you! We would love to see what you have found too!

Chainmail 101 w/SteamPunk Garage (Bayshore at 7:00 PM)

Jen & The Amazing Stan from Steampunk Garage will be teaching chainmaille 101 on Saturday @ 7pm. The class will be using aluminum rings to create a 16 or 18 gauge European 4 in 1 cuff bracelet – Student’s choice! More daring students will have access to stainless steel. Students who finish quickly will have the option of turning thier creations into roundmail or starting another. This workshop has kits available: $ 15 if you bring your own pliers – You will need two pairs of jewelers pliers with NO teeth: 1 chain nose and one bent nose. $30 if you want to puchase a set of pliers here at the class.

Cribbage Tournament (Magnolia at 7:00 PM)

A game of gentlemen and scoundrels dating back to the reign of England's Charles the First, Cribbage is easy to learn but difficult to truly master. Do you have what it takes to skunk your opponents and claim victory? Come and find out!

Reality Check-In LARP (Winchester at 7:00 PM)

The Hotel Virtuoso is the flagship hotel for the most successful hotel chain on the continent. Today, it will host to one of the most talked-about weddings of the year. Unfortunately, very little is going as planned. The wedding party finds themselves inexplicably trapped when the world beyond the hotel ceases to exist, along with nearly everyone else on the planet. Mysterious figures appear, with wild claims about doomsday, and it seems that the very fabric of reality may no longer be sound. In this new and terrifying world, the wedding party may be the only thing standing between us and utter destruction. "Reality Check-in" is a one-night live-action roleplaying game written by Acata Felton, Melissa DeMers, Rachael Monosson, Peter Lofgren, and Matthew Fisher of the Stanford Gaming Society in the MIT Assassins Guild style. If you are interested in playing in "Reality Check-In", please fill out the pre-app: . If you decide once arriving on site that you are still interested in playing, please sign up in the gaming room. If you have any questions, please direct them to Acata Felton

Saturday Concerts (Lafayette at 7:00 PM)

7:00 - 8:00: Unwoman 8:00 - 8:30: Margaret and Kristoph 8:30 - 9:00: Diana Paxson 9:00 - 10:00: SJ Tucker 10:00 - 11:00: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff 11:00 - Very Late: Open Filking

Boffers (Sat) (Ballroom A at 7:00 PM)

Masquerade (Ballroom B-C-D at 7:00 PM)

Come out, enjoy and support your fellow con-goers as they present their costumes this year at BayCon's annual Masquerade. All ages and skill levels are welcome to enter and compete. Whether you are in something your mom made you and only age five or a long time costuming veteran that should be working for ILM, all are welcome to enter. And anyone that wants to see these wonderful works of art are welcome to come and enjoy.

D(r)ive-In Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (Pool Deck at 9:00 PM)

Tim Burton's masterpiece of love envy among the People of the Holidays.

Friends of Bill W. (Central at 9:00 PM)

Twelve-step members only please.

State of Science Fiction (Alameda at 9:00 PM)

Is it still the home for geeks? Have we run out of stories to tell? Have we lost ourselves going mainstream? Are we mainstream?

Craft Along (Bayshore at 9:00 PM)

Come join us and get your craft on. We will have open crafting time in our space each night from 9-close. We have many simple projects that are available to be worked on, as well as some more challenging ones too. Bring a project you’ve already been working on, or come explore our project binders and start something new. There will be limited supplies available for new craft projects. But don’t worry – I’m certain we can set you up on a project you’ll enjoy. Think of this like the game room, with space to work on something, and people willing to help teach as we can. There will likely be music, laughter and conversations galore as we craft along.

The Kink in Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso: A Look at BDSM Imagery in Early Comics (Camino Real at 9:00 PM)

You think you know Wonder Woman? Think again. Yes, she’s the most famous female superhero of all time! Yes, she’s a 70-year-old symbol of empowerment (and lookin’ damn fine!) And, yes, she can fight crime in high heels! But she is also a super-powered kinkster, a champion for the BDSM community, created by the most interesting man in the history of comic books, Dr. William Moulton Marston, co-inventor of the polygraph lie detector and kinkster himself. Join Boston Blake for a look at the subversive Wonder Woman comics of the 1940s. We’ll examine the kink symbolism and subtext, including the power of submission and various models of D/S relationships, and how Marston used the comic book medium to inspire a generation of women. We will also look at how her representations changed under more patriarchal corporate forces over the decades.

Klingon Slave Auction (Cypress at 9:00 PM)

Come in and bid on a slave or offer yourself up for sale. All proceeds benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation. 18 and over only, please.

The Freaks Come Out at Night Dance (Ballroom B-C-D at 9:00 PM)

Bring your dancing shoes, and rock out with DJ Neshamah and friends!

Eye of Argon Reading (Midnight) (Central at 11:00 PM)

Join us as we try to keep a straight face while reading what is arguably the worst fantasy ever written.

Naughty Knots: Alternative Lifestyle Rope Tying (Camino Real at 11:00 PM)

Knot demonstrations for adults. Must be 18 years or older.