Monday Panel Descriptions

Quiet Crafting Time (Winchester at 9:00 AM)

Wake up with us, and put those final touches on your outfit, or start a new hand project you can take with you and work on throughout the day.

Make Your Own Fairy Wings (Winchester at 10:00 AM)

Come create your own personalized set of Fairy wings. Learn the techniques of shrink wrapped cellophane and all the fun that can bring about.

Taiko: Art Form or Way of Life? (Ballroom E-F at 10:00 AM)

Taiko, the art of drumming from Japan, began as a way for Japanese Americans to identify with their roots. This energetic drumming style is now a major art form throughout the world and includes a diverse cross section of Americans. Please join Wanda Kurtcu, a performing member of Wadaiko Newark and Taiko Community Alliance committee member, on a discussion of the history of Taiko and its impact in the Bay Area.

Black Holes, Warp Drives and Time Machines (Ballroom A at 10:00 AM)

Will these artifacts always be things we read about in books, or will they become reality? How much closer have we gotten?

Comics are weird! (San Tomas at 10:00 AM)

A discussion of comics including the abuses comic writers have been accused of since their inception.

BoF: Firefly (Lawrence at 10:00 AM)

A chance for Browncoats, Alliance, Reevers to discuss their lack of Serenity.

Bronies: Fandom in the Age of 4chan (Camino Real at 10:00 AM)

When “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” debuted in 2010, no one expected the rise of a massive—and predominantly male—fandom around it. But now, “There is a pony of it, no exceptions,” is a Rule of the Internet. Meet the first major fandom whose entire life-cycle, from conception to its current awkward adolescence, is on the Internet for all to see.

Doctor Who: Alternative Doctors (Alameda at 10:00 AM)

The BBC made a brilliant move when it replaced the actor who played the original Doctor with someone who was unapolegetically different. Doctors have been curmudgeonly, cranky, quirky, young, old, short, and tall, but a few things have always remained consistent: they have all been British, white, and male. Is the viewing audience ready for a truly different Doctor, one who is American, a person of color, or female?

Using GoodReads (Bayshore at 10:00 AM)

An in-depth look at the GoodReads website, and how the reader and the writer can get the most out of it.

Steampunk in Literature (Stevens Creek at 10:00 AM)

Discussion of Victorian technology and the proper use of steam power, gunpowder, goggles, and the pith helmet. Especially the goggles.

Pretty Parasols (Winchester at 11:30 AM)

Found yourself lusting after Kaylee’s Parasol. Wish you had one that was custom designed to match your outfit? Come join us in decorating silk parasols. This workshop has a supply cost of $7

A Conversation With the Board of Directors (San Tomas at 11:30 AM)

An open conversation with the Board of Directors of Artistic Solutions, the parent corporation of BayCon.

SF That Changed the World (Lafayette at 11:30 AM)

Some bits and pieces of science fiction literature have become science fact: cell phones, automated doors that move sideways as you walk towards them, GPS locators, and large, flat-panel television displays, just to name a few. Our panelists discuss these and other ways that SF has changed our world.

Discovering What To Read Next (Camino Real at 11:30 AM)

So you really loved the book you just finished. Where do you go from there to find more books you'll love just as much?

New Classics: Five Recent SF & F Books you Should Read (Alameda at 11:30 AM)

What books published in the last decade shouldn't you miss?

Comic Book Villains 2.0 (Napa III at 11:30 AM)

It used to be that a super villain attempted world domination through global destruction. Now they run for elected office.  How have comic book villains changed since the Golden Age?  Is this a reflection of society or simply maturation of the media?

Farther Than the Moon, Closer Than Mars (Bayshore at 11:30 AM)

It used to be that dreams of space travel that went beyond the Moon meant making the very long and challenging trip to Mars. We now know there a number of asteroids in Solar orbit that are much closer than Mars, making the trip correspondingly easier. The panelists debate whether these near-Earth objects make legitimate destinations for space travel. Will asteroid mining be the next big thing?

Military Procession and Ceremony (Lobby at 11:30 AM)

Women and Warriorship (Stevens Creek at 11:30 AM)

The controversy surrounding the "Strong Female Lead" (we need more of them! vs. Sophia McDougal's call for a wider variety) is grounded in two ideas: our perception of gender, and our perception of warriorship. We'll discuss historical women warriors as well as figures from sci-fi/fantasy that meet our expectations, those who break them, and what the future has in store for this archetype.

Art Auction (Ballroom A at 1:00 PM)

Come watch and bid as the artwork that received four bids in the Art Show goes under the gavel. There’s no set auction order, so make sure you’re there early to get that piece you really wanted. If you’re still looking for that unique gift or BayCon 2014 souvenir, come do some last-minute shopping.

Charity Auction: Session 2.5 (Ballroom A at 2:00 PM)

Lest We Forget... (Lafayette at 2:00 PM)

A time to remember those we have lost who have influenced Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Social Media and Science Fiction (San Tomas at 2:00 PM)

What does Social Media bring to Science Fiction? Does it add to the experience, or does twittering, linking, statusing, and all the other "ings" detract by spoiling or trolling?

David Weber Safehold Kaffeeklatsch (Saratoga at 2:00 PM)

Here's your chance to chat with David in an intimate setting, especially for fans of his Safehold series. Attendance will be limited to 10 people, with sign-up beginning at 10am on Monday, at the Info Desk. (BYO Coffee/Tea)

Alternative History: Where Haven't We Been? (Bayshore at 2:00 PM)

We've looked at the South winning the Civil War, Germany winning WWII, and Africa colonizing the United States.  Where should we go next?

Drones: The Good and the Bad (Stevens Creek at 2:00 PM)

Drones for war, drones for peace, drones for police, and even drones for the local pizza company. Unmanned and/or robotic flight is a solution for a set of problems, but like any other solutions, drones bring their own problems. If used to kill enemies, do they create more enemies than were killed? Would the use of drones for surveillance by police forces really be good for us, or would they actually end up being overly intrusive?

Closing Ceremonies / Hiss and Purr (Stevens Creek at 3:30 PM)

Join our Guests of Honor and Toastmasters as the fun ride comes to an end and we bid a fond farewell to BayCon 2014! After a short break, it will be followed by your chance to give feedback on this year's BayCon.