Saturday Panel Descriptions

Quiet Crafting Time (Winchester at 9:00 AM)

Wake up with us, and put those final touches on your outfit, or start a new hand project you can take with you and work on throughout the day.

Friends Of Bill W (Lawrence at 9:00 AM)

Meeting for Friends of Bill W.

Morning Meditation Period-Saturday (Stevens Creek at 9:00 AM)

Start the morning right, and join a group meditation.

Jewish Services (Alameda at 10:00 AM)

Cruz Arellanes will lead services for our Jewish community.

Interview with Fan Guest of Honor Sally Woerhle (Ballroom E-F at 10:00 AM)

Former Toastmaster and Hugo Award winner Chris Garcia interviews our Fan Guest of Honor Sally Woehrle.

Writers Workshop Group 1 (Saratoga at 10:00 AM)

Make Your Own Magic Wands (Winchester at 10:00 AM)

Magic is everywhere, but sometimes you need a little help harnessing it. JK Rowling wrote that “A wand is a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a witch or wizard channels her or his magical powers to centralize the effects for more complex results.” Come join us in creating a one of a kind, unique to you magic wand, as we all know that no two wands are exactly alike. All supplies are provided.

Cosmos, 30 Years Later: How Far Have We Come? (Ballroom A at 10:00 AM)

A look at the new Cosmos TV show, and how cosmology has grown since Carl Sagan first spoke the words “The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be” in the 1980's.

Bow to Stern with the USS Loma Prieta (Lafayette at 10:00 AM)

San Francisco's hardest-partying Star Trek fan organization is here to talk about how they got started, what makes them unique, and what might be next.

Costuming for the Sewing Impaired: Tips and Tricks (San Tomas at 10:00 AM)

Neat costumes and tips and tricks for those less than adept with a needle.

Do You Arduino? (Lawrence at 10:00 AM)

What is an Arduino? Learn how cool they are, how they work and how to harness their power to light up and add movement to robotic cars, light sabers, theramins, and costume creations. Get a behind the scenes look at a tricked out jet pack, a glowing Steampunk Top Hat, and other Arduino Lab creations. Don't miss out! The Arduino panel filled the room last year!

Video Games of 2014 (Camino Real at 10:00 AM)

Continuing our tradition, the Staff of, the Video Games Wiki, looks at the video games of 2014. We talk about the present generation's top games: Watchdogs, Destiny, Infamous Second Son and many more. Just like last year there will be giveaways!

Ursula Vernon Kaffeeklatsch (Napa III at 10:00 AM)

Here's your chance to chat with Ursula in an intimate setting. Attendance will be limited to 10 people, with sign-up beginning at 2pm on Friday, at the Info Desk. (BYO Coffee/Tea)

Shakespeare at 450: A Celebration (Bayshore at 10:00 AM)

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy." As with Galileo, 2014 marks the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth. The panelists discuss why his works are still relevant today, and how they can inspire writers of science fiction and fantasy.

BoF: Steampunk (Lobby at 10:00 AM)

How much steam is in your punk?  How much punk is in your steam?  Come join other enthusiasts of this aesthetic, musical, literary, costuming and lifestyle movement, and share experiences and ideas.

Refurbished History: Looting the Past for Fun and Profit (Stevens Creek at 10:00 AM)

Is it cheating to mine the past for story elements? Can you leave identifiable marks as long as they don't disrupt your story? And what about retooling historical figures? When is using identifiable places or characters truly a better choice than being original?

Iron Game Design Competition and Munchkin (Magnolia at 11:30 AM)

Grab a team and sign up to participate in the Iron Game-Designer Challenge. Four teams will have 24 hours to design and create a game. Board games, card games, or role-playing games are all acceptable, but there is a twist: There will be a theme ingredient that must be included as a relatively main component of your game. After the 24 hours have elapsed, a panel of judges will play your game, and judge it on the following criteria: Originality, Enjoyability, Ease of Play, and Use of Theme Ingredient. And in the other part of the room- Munchkin! Kill the monsters, Steal the treasure, and stab your buddies in this tongue-in-cheek parody of a fantasy dungeon crawl.

Arduino Workshop! (Winchester at 11:30 AM)

Arduino Laboratory is on the cutting edge of designing simple to build, one board creations. Wanna make your own? Join in on the hands-on fun as you build an Arduino project in one of our two workshops at BayCon. Reserve your spot now as these build sessions sold out last year. Reserve your spot now by sending $30 materials deposit via PayPal to Be sure to include your name, which workshop you want to attend; Saturday or Sunday and the word Baycon in the PayPal note field. Your $30 is a deposit on your Arduino project which typically ranges from $40 to $70. See my website for more info.

Interview with Writer Guest of Honor David Weber (Ballroom E-F at 11:30 AM)

Toastmaster Tom Merritt interviews our Writer Guest of Honor, David Weber.

Is that Fight Scene Possible? (Ballroom A at 11:30 AM)

AE Marling, M Todd Glaowglass and the folks from St. Michael's Salle d'Armes read fight scenes and reenact them to see if they are truly feasible.

Internet Speed and the Future of Long Term Relationships (Lafayette at 11:30 AM)

The use of Internet dating services has become widespread, expanding from early-adapter computer geeks to the general population. How is online dating affecting marriages and relationships? How will it change the amount of effort people put into making a relationship work? Will the knowledge that potential dates are easier to find, compared to the pre-Internet era, make marriages shorter? Our panelists aim their forecasting vision on a fundamental area of human experience.

Creating Your Own Armor (San Tomas at 11:30 AM)

Shawn will share how to create your own armor as well as pointers on what you need to create your own suit.

BoF: Supernatural (Lawrence at 11:30 AM)

Discussion of the TV show Supernatural and all things to do with this fandom! Join Leslie Ann Moore for a fun discussion and share your love of this show.

ST:TNG - "A Matter of Honor" Talk and Q&A with screenwriter Wanda M. Haight (Camino Real at 11:30 AM)

Join us for a discussion and screening of "A Matter of Honor" with screenwriter Wanda M. Haight.

They Got a Barn and Put On a Show: The Birth of BABSCon (Alameda at 11:30 AM)

Just one year ago, a girl in purple pony princess cosplay was the only attendee of Baycon 2013’s panel on throwing your own convention. Less than a year later, BABSCon 2014 attracted 2,350 attendees, instantly becoming the second-largest My Little Pony convention of the past year. Settle in and have a listen, because it’s quite a story!

BayCon Staff Q & A! (Napa III at 11:30 AM)

We want you... to meet and mingle with current BayCon staffers and consider joining us next year! Staff from various departments and divisions will be in attendance to answer any burning questions you might have, as well as to tell you about all the wide variety of staff positions available to you.

Cosplay Cross-Pollination: How Much is Acceptable? (Bayshore at 11:30 AM)

How creative should people get if they're at a cosplay event that's restricted to a specific time period (Dickens Fair, Ren Faire) or fandom (Star Trek, Gallifrey One)? Can characters from Spaceballs show up at Star Wars Celebration? Can Wesley and Buttercup visit the Ren Faire? Does steampunk work at 1800's events? Can the Doctor go wherever the heck he wants? And, assuming these are all public events, can people be turned away if they're too out of place?

BoF: Vaginal Fantasy Book Club (Lobby at 11:30 AM)

Come and hang out with people who love the Geek and Sundry Show Vaginal Fantasy BookClub. Join them as they share their love of paranormal romances and chick lit aand which episode an d books they love. Some of the Panelists are part of the In Person SF MeetUp-The Wicked Grounders.

A Shot Rang Out (Stevens Creek at 11:30 AM)

...and bounced down the hallway, through the door, and out of the world. Come see hilarious, impromptu storytelling. Back as always by popular demand.

Constellation Keychains (Winchester at 1:00 PM)

Come make a Zodiac keychain showing off your star sign and more.

Honorverse In Depth: The Havenite Revolution (Ballroom A at 2:00 PM)

What are the similarities and differences between the Haven revolution in the Honorverse and the French, Russian, and Iranian revolutions in this universe? Join David Weber in discussion with Professor David McGaffey.

Geeky Crochet with SallyRose (Winchester at 2:00 PM)

Join SallyRose in making some fun little amiguri in crochet.

Charity Auction (Camino Real at 2:00 PM)

A benefit auction for BayCon 2014's official charity, the USO. There will be lots of great stuff to bid on.

When Geeks Bully Geeks (Lafayette at 2:00 PM)

As noted above, we're no longer getting bullied as much by non-geeks for our interests. So what's happening now? Geeks are picking on each other for not being geeky enough! From cosplayers ridiculing those whose costumes are store-bought instead of custom-made, to trivia buffs chiding people who don't know every little nuance of "Star Wars", people are fighting for geek superiority. How do we stop this troubling trend?

Evolution of the Role Playing Game (San Tomas at 2:00 PM)

From Chainmail to TSR's Dungeons and Dragons to Champions to Zelda to Everquest to LARP to?? How has the RPG changed? Have they gotten better over time, or have they gotten worse? What is next for our beloved RPG?

When Good Food Turns Evil (Lawrence at 2:00 PM)

At one time, margarine was touted as a healthier alternative to butter. This ended after the dangers of trans-fats was discovered. There are still differing opinions on what makes a healthy diet, even after decades of research. What highly touted food items might not be as healthy as you think? Join the panelists as they chew the fat on this topic.

Child-Free : A Choice more people are making (Alameda at 2:00 PM)

Being Child-Free is a choice more and more couples are making. What are some of the reasons and some of the understandings of this. (Not child-less which is different.)

The Unpanel: Deep Listening (Napa III at 2:00 PM)

This panel is a way to come down from the ego-high of an SF Con and spend an hour being heard, rather than just talking.

Artemis Elite Flight -Sat (Magnolia at 2:00 PM)

Come watch the elite crew of the starship USS Loma Prieta defend the sector from an intense assault by the galactic neighborhood's nastiest aliens and space monsters. The crew will be attempting to earn the coveted 'Lucky Seven' Artemis Fleet medal!

The BIG SWAP THING: Clothes, Crafts and Books (Bayshore at 2:00 PM)

We don’t all have unlimited budgets for new wardrobes, our craft closets are overflowing, and the books are stacked everywhere… so we are bringing you the opportunity to add new treasures while at the same time making room for them. Yep that’s right – The Swap is back and better than ever! This year we are combining the Clothing and Craft Supply swaps into one, and adding books to the mix. How this works: Clothing: You bring pieces that you are no longer in love with, no longer wear, no longer fit – this can be clothes, costumes, shoes, accessories, etc. Please note: All the pieces should be clean and in good condition and All sizes are welcome, including men, women and children’s sizes. Each piece you bring = 1 ticket. Craft Supplies: Bring supplies that you are no longer in love with, no longer need/use, left overs – this can be fabric, beads, tools, yarn, thread, buttons, feathers, etc (No seriously we will take pretty much anything and call it craft supplies.) Please note: As many of these supplies are of all kinds of sizes, the DIY room will be working with you to bag and tag them into manageable “chunks”.  You can assist us in either bagging your supplies in quart or gallon ziplock, letting us know the measurements of the remnant (if possible), labeling, etc.   Each “chunk” is equal to 1 ticket. When the swap opens on Saturday you can come in and “Spend” your tickets, as each piece costs = 1 ticket. All remaining bits will be used for DIY supplies and at the end of the con will be donated to a good home. We will be accepting all the goodies early again.  No need to shlep it all the way up to your room.  Instead you can bring it directly over to the DIY Room on Fri or Sat morning and we will be happy to take it off your hands.  We recommend the early drop off to everyone as it means you will already have your tickets in hand when we open the doors to “shop”, and it makes it MUCH MUCH easier on the staff in the ways of check-in and organization.

BoF: Glee (Lobby at 2:00 PM)

Birth of a Book Cover (Stevens Creek at 2:00 PM)

The saying goes "you can't judge a book by its cover," but when it comes to shopping for books, that's exactly what people do. With self-publishing becoming more common, writers need to know more about an area they previously left in the publisher's hands. How do you visually signal what kind of book it is? What makes one font better for a title than another? Where do you get quality artwork? The panelists discuss the different elements that go into the design of a good book cover, and where to go to for help.

DIY Goggles (Winchester at 3:30 PM)

Turn junk into a pair of steampunk goggles. Nope can’t tell you any more than that, as we already run the risk of assassination for giving away the trade secrets. I know you are curious. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

Self Publishing: Where does it fit in the Literary Food Chain? (Ballroom A at 3:30 PM)

Between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, self-publishing has taken off; no longer the classical vanity press, often seen as the redheaded stepchild. Is it? Should it be? Where does this fit in the food chain, or is this about to become the Shark?

Building on LEGO (Lafayette at 3:30 PM)

Extend the LEGO products by using electronics, printing on parts, and using third-party accessories.

Game of Thrones - Where will the TV show go next? (San Tomas at 3:30 PM)

Discussions with people who love the show (and have read all the books as well), to suggest where is HBO going next!

Open Filking 2 (Lawrence at 3:30 PM)

Internet of Things (Camino Real at 3:30 PM)

At one time the idea that your shoes would have an Internet address would have seemed silly, but now it makes sense to have shoes that help you track how much exercise you get. How does the world change when everything you touch has a network address? What are the benefits that might come out of this? What happens when the manufacturer leaves a security hole that lets an object be hacked by someone with malicious intent?

Countering Online Hate Speech (Alameda at 3:30 PM)

Online hate speech can devastate the lives of the person under attack and everyone around him or her. Panelists discuss effective online responses, ways to support the person, building tolerant communities, and what to do if you yourself are a target.

Paranormal Romance: Ripping Bodices Since… Yesterday? (Napa III at 3:30 PM)

What is this genre? Where it come from, where is it going and does it even merit classification as a separate genre? If all you've read are stories about sparkly vampires, you haven't even scratched the surface.

Pandemic (Magnolia at 3:30 PM)

Several virulent diseases have broken out simultaneously all over the world! Only you and your team stand between the population of the earth and extinction. Can you save the human race, or are we doomed to death by microorganism? Is that a sneeze I just heard?

Fire Up Your Arduino Brain (Bayshore at 3:30 PM)

Join the Arduino Lab team and brainstorm ideas for your own Arduino gadget, prop or costume project. We will help you with the tech stuff to animate your Arduino, so you can add dancing lights, moving parts, or whatever your imagination dreams up.

Cryogenic Culinary Academy (Lobby at 3:30 PM)

Join the resident founder of the BayCon Cryogenic Culinary Academy, as he shows kids the wonders of how science mixed with the right ingredients creates a favorite ice cream treat!

Gender Issues Facing Fandom (Stevens Creek at 3:30 PM)

Discussions of Gender Issues facing fans in and around fandom.

Master Crafter Competition (Winchester at 5:00 PM)

Are you our MASTER CRAFTER?? Join us for this fast paced, high-energy crafting competition. We are only hosting 1 Master Crafter Competitions this year. There will be either a secret ingredient or a secret theme, we aren’t telling you yet. How this works: 5-5:10 – REVEAL of the SECRET THEME/INGREDIENT 5:15-6:15 – Participants have exactly 1 hour to create something, and get it to the judges table. Judges will only judge what is on the judges table by the time the buzzer rings. 6:15-6:30 – Presentations, explanations and judging. 6:30-6:45 – AWARDS Come try your hand at this fun and creative competition. Here are the rules: 1. The craft you submit must be YOUR craft. 2. You must be within the Secret Theme or use the secret ingredient 3. At least 50% of the entry must have been completed within the competition hour in the competition room. 4. Your craft must be on the judges table by the end of the creation period to be counted/judged. 5. Participants are allowed to bring in supplies and tools of their own. Some supplies and tools will be available for contestants to use, but I can’t tell you what, how much of, or if it will be what you are looking for – so you will have to be creative with what you get. 6. You may team up, but teams may have no more than 4 people. Awards will be given to the top 3 finishers. The winners will be chosen based on: Appearance, Originality, Use of the secret ingredient/secret theme & Presentation

Cutting Edge Demo from SaberCombat (Ballroom A at 5:00 PM)

Learn Saber Spins, Attacks and Defenses, Footwork, & moves from the ESB fight from Novastar! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy (Lafayette at 5:00 PM)

Boy meets girl meets robot meets vampire: what makes for good erotica in worlds with different rules than ours?

LEGO in Popular Culture (San Tomas at 5:00 PM)

The LEGO Movie, James May's LEGO house, LEGO on sites like Gizmodo, and other ways that LEGO crops up all over the place.

Recording Workshop (Lawrence at 5:00 PM)

The intricacies of recording - recording yourself, as well - brought to life by these two well known Sound Techs of the fannish world. World class performers as well, they know both sides of the task and the parts it breaks down into.

KickStarter and How To Use It Successfully (Camino Real at 5:00 PM)

Runing a Kickstarter is a lot of work to make it successful. Panelists have run a successful and not not so successful Kickstarter campaigns and can offer tips, tricks and ideas to help you!

All ages story time. (Alameda at 5:00 PM)

Remember when we used to listen to stories and imagine where the story took place, while enjoying a snack or resting? We will be having authors read a short story of theirs to you and give you rest space to relax and just enjoy their readings.

The Marvel Universe (Napa III at 5:00 PM)

Started in 1939 as Timely Comics, Marvel Comics is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year! With so many of its key comic book series successfully turned into films with well-portrayed heroes, Marvel's popularity is soaring to new heights. Join our panelists for a discussion of The Marvel Universe and how they have become the franchise we Comic Lovers are enjoying and discussing, from The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Agents of Shield, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in this past year and the coming releases including Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a Peggy Carter spin-off.

Chairman's Artemis Flight (Magnolia at 5:00 PM)

Come watch the convention Chairman, Tom Saidak, and his Royal Manticoran Navy crew fly an Artemis class cruiser and start earning the Manticoran 'Marksman' badge!

How Has the SyFy Channel Challenged Fandom? (Bayshore at 5:00 PM)

For those of us who thought "Wow! A complete cable channel for US!" and ended up sorry they ever tuned in. Or put another way, why these shouldn't even be rated "B" movies or serials.

Evening Meditation Period (Lobby at 5:00 PM)

Refresh yourself from a day of conventioneering, and join Randy Smith as he leads a group meditation.

"Hard Science" Science Fiction Doesn't have to be Hard (Stevens Creek at 5:00 PM)

What are some books,movies, comic books, etc. that have used GOOD science and still managed to be exciting?  What was the bad science that made you howl in pain, could it have been modified to be better science and still keep the story intact?

Custom Medals for Sci-Fi Military Service (Winchester at 7:00 PM)

Details are important! Your uniform may be the right cut and color, but do you have that medal that your character received? Make a medal to wear, and learn to make more. All materials will be provided, free of charge.

Liar's Dice Tournament (Magnolia at 7:00 PM)

Variety Show (Ballroom E-F at 8:00 PM)

The BayCon 2014 Variety Show We are very excited to offer the BayCon Variety Show this year. We will have folks walking the catwalk with their amazing costume, some doing skits with their costumed friends, acting out a scene from a favorite comedy, possibly lip syncing a favorite song, or show a short film. Our Guests of Honor will be judging and our terrific host, Hugo Winner Christopher Garcia, will keep you entertained through out the show. Join us for this new and exciting event on Saturday night at 8 pm on Main Stage(Ballroom E & F). We are looking forward to seeing you at the show!

Boffers (Ballroom A at 9:30 PM)

Chainmaille Workshop #1 with Steampunk Garage (Winchester at 8:00 PM)

Jen & The Amazing Stan from Steampunk Garage will be back again teaching chainmaille 101.  We liked them so much we are bringing them back twice!  Saturday & Sunday @ 8pm. Beginner Chainmaille 101: Byzantine "Chainmaille" is the ancient art of linking jump rings together to create beautiful weaves and patterns. It is most commonly known for the flat "sheet" weaves used to make medieval armor like you see knights wear at the Renaissance Faire. Stan and Jen are expert-level chainmaillers who have been specializing in "sheet" and "rope" weaves for the past six years. We offer regular classes exclusively through the "Handmade Enthusiasts" Meetup Group and also teach beginner classes at BayCon. They will be hosting this 90 minute class on how to make one bracelet using a beginner-level chainmaille weave: Byzantine. Class will include: An explanation of basic vocabulary, a step-by-step tutorial printout of our teachings, hands-on instruction on proper use of your tools, and techniques to open and close jump rings. After that, we'll go straight into weaving this awesome weave! We'll provide everything you need to make your bracelet. For those overachievers who finish quickly, we will have enough materials on-hand to convert it into a necklace as well. Materials fee for this class will be $20 if you bring your own tools, and $50 if you need to purchase pliers. Tools you will need: Two pairs of pliers (they should have NO TEETH to keep from scratching the rings). You need one set of chain nose and one set of bent nose.

Saturday Night Concert and Filking (Lawrence at 8:00 PM)

Concert Line Up: Mark Osier Eben Brooks Allison Lonsdale Followed by Open Filking

Dive-in Movie: Steamboy (Lobby at 8:00 PM)

Katsuhiro Otomo, director of the groundbreaking anime feature Akira (1988), returns with this visually striking fusion of the past and the future. It’s the Industrial Age in England, reimagined, and various and sundry inventors and scientists are arriving in Britain to hawk their products while capitalism rears its ugly head. A gadget-happy British lad named Ray (voice of Anna Paquin) receives a mysterious package from his grandfather Lloyd Steam (Patrick Stewart) -- a tiny ball that turns out to be an engine toting immense power. (PG-13)

The Royal Cotillion Dance (Ballroom E-F at 9:30 PM)

Join us on the dance floor as we enjoy dancing and entreating with the Station's crew. Bruce Rogers will be playing all the hits from Earth's Disco period thru the roaring 2000's. Dress up or just bring your favorite dance partner to cut a rug at the station's Royal Cotillion.

Boffers (Ballroom A at 9:30 PM)

Craft Along (Winchester at 8:00 PM)

Come join us and get your craft on. We have many simple projects that are available to be worked on, as well as some more challenging ones too. Bring a project you’ve already been working on, or come explore our project binders and start something new. There will be limited supplies available for new craft projects. But don’t worry – I’m certain we can set you up on a project you’ll enjoy. Think of this like the game room, with space to work on something, and people willing to help teach as we can. There will likely be music, laughter and conversations galore as we craft along.

Klingon Slave Auction (doors open 10, auction begins at 10:30) (Cypress at 9:30 PM)

Come in and bid on a slave or offer yourself up for sale. All proceeds from the auction go to charity. 18 and over only, please.

Open Filking 3 (Lawrence at 9:30 PM)

War Stories from Deep Space Three (Camino Real at 9:30 PM)

Artemis is the first video game to offer an immersive space battle simulation with a crew of interoperating bridge officers, and as you might imagine, there are some stories to tell. Drop by and learn how to get started, fun gameplay modes you can cook up, and hilarious mistakes to avoid.

BOF: Horror (Alameda at 9:30 PM)

Readings: Erotic readings (Bayshore at 9:30 PM)

Writers share their erotic works and read excerpts. Check the Newsletter for details one who will be presenting. BayCon Panelists- See Newsletter for details.

Readings: Science Fiction (Stevens Creek at 9:30 PM)

Guests reading from their latest novels, short stories or novellas. Check the Newsletter for details one who will be presenting. BayCon Panelists- See Newsletter for details.

(Dance, cont'd) (Ballroom E-F at 11:00 PM)

Boffers (Ballroom A at 9:30 PM)

Craft Along (Winchester at 8:00 PM)

Come join us and get your craft on. We have many simple projects that are available to be worked on, as well as some more challenging ones too. Bring a project you’ve already been working on, or come explore our project binders and start something new. There will be limited supplies available for new craft projects. But don’t worry – I’m certain we can set you up on a project you’ll enjoy. Think of this like the game room, with space to work on something, and people willing to help teach as we can. There will likely be music, laughter and conversations galore as we craft along.

Theme Circle - Dawn Patrol- 2 AM (Lawrence at 11:00 PM)

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..." Since the early days of Fandom folks hung out in parties, at the open snacks, at the bar, under the stair, anywhere they might wish to sing of futures and past. Come to this comfort we make for our friends, sing the night's end - or the day's beginning. A theme circle for those who'd waken the day if we can. You don't have to stay til you turn to stone, unless perhaps you want to. If enough of us are awake when the coffee shop reopens we may all go to breakfast together.

Eye of Argon (midnight) (Bayshore at 11:00 PM)

Join us as we try to keep a straight face while reading what is arguably the worst fantasy ever written.

Shibari For All Skill Levels (Stevens Creek at 11:00 PM)

A modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese art, Shibari is the seductive application of rope to the human form. From simple limb restraints, to intricate body harnesses, to full body suspensions, Shibari is a multi-faceted art with many uses. This workshop is open to convention participants 18 years and older, no matter whether you are a seasoned rigger or you can barely tie your shoes. A small supply of rope may be available for use during the workshop, but if you can bring some of your own, please do.