Welcome to the Space Station Honor.

During this weekend, station personnel will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to crew an Artemis class light cruiser, defending the station, engaging in tactical combat maneuvers, and exploring this sector of space.

Artemis is a multi-player, starship bridge simulator, in which five of the (up to) six person crew have their own ship bridge consoles.  The stations are: helm, weapons, engineering, science, and comms.  The sixth crew member is the captain, who must direct all the other stations for the success of the mission.

We will have an experienced star ship crew on hand to answer your questions, and we will provide basic operating instructions for all ship systems to new cadets unfamiliar with the Artemis.

Individual crew flights will be in 45 minutes blocks, so we hope you and your friends can make time to join us, and experience the challange of teamwork needed to successfully run a starship of the line.

Artemis Room Policies