Program Schedule

Welcome to the BayCon 2014 schedule grid. All panels end 15 minutes before the start of the next time slot. This grid will be updated as needed to reflect changes in the schedule.

For more detailed descriptions, you can check out the Official BayCon 2014 Program Book. However, information in the program book is subject to change. For the most up to date information, check posted announcements and the information desk at the convention. We will also be doing our best to keep the online schedule grid and panel descriptions up to date.

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Room :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom E-F           Meet the Guests Charity Karaoke Rocky Horror Picture Show (midnight)
Ballroom A Opening Ceremonies     Make Your Own Boffer Weapon     Boffers Boffers, cont'd.
Winchester   Fingerloop Braiding / Kumihimo Cords Helms + Horns From Papier Mache Ray Guns Seam Sampler Craft Along Craft Along Craft Along
Lawrence   Open Filking   What Is This Filk Stuff, Anyway?     Meet The Music - a Braided concert  
San Tomas     Galileo at 450: A Celebration The Lies of "Show, Don't Tell"        
Stevens Creek   James Bond vs Doctor Who: Cultural Reflections on the British Alpha Male Writing in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Rewards and Challenges of Writing Media Tie-in Novels Putting the Graphic into Graphic Novels        
Lafayette     Role Play vs Cosplay vs I Just Wanna Look Cool Steampunk's Parents: Mary Shelley, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne        
Camino Real     Kids in LEGO Cons Doctor Who: Why it is still going strong 50 years later?        
Alameda   Give Me That Old Time Religion   CSI: Science Fiction vs Reality     Horror Steampunk, Clockpunk, Cyberpunk - How Do You Like Your Horror Punked?  
Napa III     Stealing from History Science Fiction & Fantasy Costuming     Kill Doctor Lucky LARP  
Bayshore   Fox -- Speculative Fiction's Best and Worst Friend Rare Earth? So what, Who needs habitable planets? Building Your Writing Community     Beyond the Five Senses: The Neurology of Sensation  
Saratoga     David Weber Kaffeeklatsch Jewish Services        
Magnolia       Carabande Who Would Win      
Lobby   BoF: Big Bang Theory BoF: Sherlock Holmes          


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom E-F   Interview with Fan Guest of Honor Sally Woerhle Interview with Writer Guest of Honor David Weber           Variety Show The Royal Cotillion Dance (Dance, cont'd)
Ballroom A   Cosmos, 30 Years Later: How Far Have We Come? Is that Fight Scene Possible?   Honorverse In Depth: The Havenite Revolution Self Publishing: Where does it fit in the Literary Food Chain? Cutting Edge Demo from SaberCombat   Boffers Boffers Boffers
Winchester Quiet Crafting Time Make Your Own Magic Wands Arduino Workshop! Constellation Keychains Geeky Crochet with SallyRose DIY Goggles Master Crafter Competition Custom Medals for Sci-Fi Military Service Chainmaille Workshop #1 with Steampunk Garage Craft Along Craft Along
Lawrence Friends Of Bill W Do You Arduino? BoF: Supernatural   When Good Food Turns Evil Open Filking 2 Recording Workshop   Saturday Night Concert and Filking Open Filking 3 Theme Circle - Dawn Patrol- 2 AM
San Tomas   Costuming for the Sewing Impaired: Tips and Tricks Creating Your Own Armor   Evolution of the Role Playing Game Game of Thrones - Where will the TV show go next? LEGO in Popular Culture        
Stevens Creek Morning Meditation Period-Saturday Refurbished History: Looting the Past for Fun and Profit A Shot Rang Out   Birth of a Book Cover Gender Issues Facing Fandom "Hard Science" Science Fiction Doesn't have to be Hard     Readings: Science Fiction Shibari For All Skill Levels
Lafayette   Bow to Stern with the USS Loma Prieta Internet Speed and the Future of Long Term Relationships   When Geeks Bully Geeks Building on LEGO Erotic Science Fiction and Fantasy        
Cypress                   Klingon Slave Auction (doors open 10, auction begins at 10:30)  
Camino Real   Video Games of 2014 ST:TNG - "A Matter of Honor" Talk and Q&A with screenwriter Wanda M. Haight   Charity Auction Internet of Things KickStarter and How To Use It Successfully     War Stories from Deep Space Three  
Alameda   Jewish Services They Got a Barn and Put On a Show: The Birth of BABSCon   Child-Free : A Choice more people are making Countering Online Hate Speech All ages story time.     BOF: Horror  
Napa III   Ursula Vernon Kaffeeklatsch BayCon Staff Q & A!   The Unpanel: Deep Listening Paranormal Romance: Ripping Bodices Since… Yesterday? The Marvel Universe        
Bayshore   Shakespeare at 450: A Celebration Cosplay Cross-Pollination: How Much is Acceptable?   The BIG SWAP THING: Clothes, Crafts and Books Fire Up Your Arduino Brain How Has the SyFy Channel Challenged Fandom?     Readings: Erotic readings Eye of Argon (midnight)
Saratoga   Writers Workshop Group 1                  
Magnolia     Iron Game Design Competition and Munchkin   Artemis Elite Flight -Sat Pandemic Chairman's Artemis Flight Liar's Dice Tournament      
Lobby   BoF: Steampunk BoF: Vaginal Fantasy Book Club   BoF: Glee Cryogenic Culinary Academy Evening Meditation Period   Dive-in Movie: Steamboy    


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom E-F   Interview with Toastmaster Tom Merritt Science Fiction: More than a Job, It's an Obsession.   Charity Auction Interview with Artist Guest of Honor Ursula Vernon The Royal Manticoran Navy Awards   Taiko Preformance Burlesque Show  
Ballroom A   Quidditch Quidditch   Fencing Discussion Fencing Demo Writing Compelling Fight Scenes   Boffers Boffers, cont'd. Boffers, cont'd.
Winchester Quiet Crafting Time Alien Skin Make-Up Tutorial Arduino Workshop II Star Trek Pillows Pepekura Geeky Beadwork (canceled) Facial Contouring Space Invaders Embroidery Chainmaille Workshop #2 Craft Along Craft Along
Lawrence   Alternative Lifestyles and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Ray Bradbury: Masterheart of Mars   Story to Song/Song to Story: How prose can inspire songs and music give birth to stories Copying the Look: How Important is Screen Accuracy? Singing Workshop for Folks Who Don't Sing     Concerts Theme Circle - Dawn Patrol
San Tomas BoF: Friends of Lois / AFG "Bow ties are cool;" or, "Talk nerdy to me" Creating Family in Fiction and in Fandom   You Don't Look Like an Alien… Adult Fans of LEGO Outdated Information that shaped Writing of Science Fiction from the past        
Stevens Creek Morning Meditation Period- Sunday Commercialization of Space Travel Battling Creationism and Pseudoscience   The Royal Manticoran Navy Annual Meeting The Science of the Honor Harrington Universe Female Archetypes in Fantasy        
Lafayette   Readings: Urban Fantasy Star Wars VII: Where are we going now?   Electronic LEGO ¡Viva la Arduino Revolucion! BoF: Podcasting BayCon 2015        
Cypress                 Regency Dancing    
Camino Real   Traveling in Audio Space: The making of the Traveling in Space audiobook Do Back Cover Blurbs Work?   Fanboy Planet Podcast Elder Scrolls Online A Yarn About Costuming   Alternative History: Historical Fracture Points    
Alameda   Monsters In Love! How to Develop Your Marketing as an Author   Cultural Appropriation in SFF media and costuming The Internet: The Next Television Network? Five Dollars, a Dead Fish and a Time Machine: Alternate History   Reading: Fantasy    
Napa III   To Be or Not to Be...Listening to that Critique From Disposable Society to Recyclable Society   Common Ground: Comparative Religions -- Buddhism, Pagan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahá'í, Hindu and more Authors: Stop Blocking Your Own Potential! Fan Fic : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly   How to Write Great Sex Scenes for Fantasy/Sci-Fi    
Bayshore Christian Services   Surveillance and the End of Privacy   Inspirations for New Costumes Strange Love - Using Romance Tropes in Science Fiction and Fantasy Furry Fandom 101     Kill Doctor Lucky LARP: The Encore  
Saratoga             Fantasy Genesis: A Game for Artists        
Pool Deck   Evening Meditation Period  
Magnolia     Miskatonic School for Girls Fluxx Tournament LARPing for beginners / Artemis Elite Flight - Sun Iron Game Designer Judging / Shadow Hunters / Ticket To Ride          
Lobby     BoF: Doctor Who BoF: My Little Pony BoF: Ingress BoF: Godzilla Constructing Fictional Cultures   Dive-in Movie: WALL-E (8:30 start)    


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8
Ballroom E-F   Taiko: Art Form or Way of Life?          
Ballroom A   Black Holes, Warp Drives and Time Machines   Art Auction Charity Auction: Session 2.5    
Winchester Quiet Crafting Time Make Your Own Fairy Wings Pretty Parasols        
Lawrence   BoF: Firefly          
San Tomas   Comics are weird! A Conversation With the Board of Directors   Social Media and Science Fiction    
Stevens Creek   Steampunk in Literature Women and Warriorship   Drones: The Good and the Bad Closing Ceremonies / Hiss and Purr  
Lafayette     SF That Changed the World   Lest We Forget...    
Camino Real   Bronies: Fandom in the Age of 4chan Discovering What To Read Next        
Alameda   Doctor Who: Alternative Doctors New Classics: Five Recent SF & F Books you Should Read        
Napa III     Comic Book Villains 2.0        
Bayshore   Using GoodReads Farther Than the Moon, Closer Than Mars   Alternative History: Where Haven't We Been?    
Saratoga         David Weber Safehold Kaffeeklatsch    
Lobby     Military Procession and Ceremony