Art Show

The BayCon Art Show displays artwork from artists from all over.

The Art Show will be running all weekend in Ballroom D, with a variety of artists and their works. Most of the art is for sale, either via bidding and auction or by Direct Sale.

Hours of Operation
Friday2:00pm – 6:00pmArtist Check-in Begins at 10:00am.
Saturday10:00am – 7:00pmDirect Sales begin at Noon
Sunday10:00am – 7:00pmDirect Sales end at 6:45pm.
Monday12:00pm - 4:00pmPick-up Artwork Only
2:00pm – 4:00pmArtist Check-out
1:00pm – 2:30pmArt Auction (Ballroom A)

If you still need copies of the art show documents you can find them here:

If you have any questions please use the contact information below.

Please contact:

BayCon Art Show 2014
P.O. Box 62108
Sunnyvale, Ca 94088-2108

Alison Stern
Art Show Director