DIY Announcment

We are currently asking for donations for the DIY Room. See our Wish List.

Do It Yourself

Looking for something new to do at BayCon? Do you enjoy arts & crafts lessons? Better yet, how about actually creating things after learning about them? If you want to have fun making things with your hands, the place for you is...

The NEW DIY Room!

At BayCon 2013, the entire Bayshore Room will be dedicated to hands-on learning and cool crafts projects. There will be special events, quiet workspaces, and even a last-minute costume repair station! We're also developing guided panels such as a learn-to-sew class (including "How to use the sewing machine I have"), special effect makeup classes, charm "book" necklace workshops, chainmail construction sessions, boffing-weapons making classes, and some very interesting fiber/knit/crochet instruction. Many of these classes will have supply lists available before the convention begins so you can bring your own materials. Alternatively, kits will be available to purchase upon signup.

We will also be hosting a Clothing Swap again, this year, and have added the all-new Craft Supplies Swap. Leftovers from the swaps, as well as specially provided materials, will be used in the IRON CRAFTER competition! (Each entrant will have access to a stack of crafting supplies and one hour to complete a creation!)

For more class descriptions, schedules, supply lists, and more, check out

Arduino Laboratory

Image of the Arduino Organ circuit board.The Arduino Laboratory and Creative Workshop is coming to Baycon. This workshop is where you create vibrant Techno Art, Music, and Motion. Please visit the website to see what Larry Burch has been up to in his (say it like Bela Lugosi) Labor-a-tory.


There will be a panel for the grass roots digital revolution that the Arduino is creating. We will have an experts on robotics, hardware, and an assortment of hobbyists to give you a glimpse at the variety of applications the Arduino has been used in. If you would like to show off your Arduino gizmo and its easy to carry and safe bring it! Email Larry at if you have any questions. Word is the panel will be early Saturday, so go easy on those Friday parties. You snooze, you lose. But don’t miss the best party.

Party Friday

There will be an Arduino party Friday evening. See the projects you can build and some other cool things. All the A list people will be there. A as in Arduino. There will be Ribbons, flashing things and the 99 cent store soda will flow freely. Come and let your nerd flag fly! It’s also the last chance to preregister for the workshop.


The preliminary schedule has a workshop on Saturday and Sunday. Seats are limited so register early! There will be free premiums for the first 10 paid registrations received. The Arduino website will have info on the projects, their cost and how to preregister.

Volunteer Here!

Interested in helping out with this exciting, new con function? The DIY Room wants you! Please contact IF:

  • you have crafts supplies you would like to donate
  • you would like to teach a class (please tell us your skill level)
  • there's a class you would love to see offered (and, ideally, if you know someone skilled to teach it)
  • you want to be the crafty counterpart of Alton Brown for our End of the Day "Master Crafter" competition

Ecstatic, yet? So are we! Let's make this such a great success that it will become a recurring "go to" location for years to come!