Program Schedule

Welcome to the BayCon 2013 schedule grid. Each panel is 90 minutes in 2 hour slots. This grid will be updated as needed to reflect changes in the schedule.

Friday Grid Saturday Grid Sunday Grid Monday Grid
Panel Descriptions Panel Descriptions Panel Descriptions Panel Descriptions


Room 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom B-C-D       Meet the Guests Charity Casino Rocky Horror Show
Ballroom A   Opening Ceremonies Irreproducible Results Lois McMaster Bujold Reading   Boffers (Fri)
Winchester   Alternative History: A Single If… Why Has Our Society Become So Death Averse?   Delphic Oracle Bind Without Twine
Lawrence   Aspiring Writers Toolkit Old Star Trek vs. J.J. Abram's Refresh  
San Tomas   Women in Science Fiction Costuming on a Budget  
Lafayette   The One Thing That I'd Change in the Constitution Fantasy That Breaks the Mold   Friday Night Concerts
Cypress   Regency Dance
Camino Real     XCOR   Video Games of 2013 The State of MMOs
Alameda   Young Adult Fiction: More than Blanking-out the Sex   Hey You, Come Talk to Me!  
Central   BoF: Bond, James Bond   Themed Reading: Urban Fantasy
Bayshore   Sock Zombies Beginning Knitting/ Prayer Shawls -- Kate Knit Doctor Make a Boffer Weapon Craft Along
Saratoga     Jewish Services  
Other 5 Tea - 3rd floor (room 343), 9:30


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom B-C-D Masquerade 101 Cliff Nielsen Interview by Veronica Belmont   Lois McMaster Bujold Interview with Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt     Masquerade The Freaks Come Out at Night Dance
Ballroom A Geek Girls Plotting World Domination 13 Reasons to Visit the Vorkosiverse   Getting Girls Hooked on Science and Engineering Future of E-publishing   Boffers (Sat)
Winchester Cultural Norms Affecting this Generation of People with Autism Fans of Color in SF/F Fandom   Fairy Tales and Mythology The Evolution of Pirates of Emerson.   Reality Check-In LARP
Lawrence Top 10 Technologies Can We Stop the Violence (in Video Games)?   Wearing Your First Costume in Public Changing Nature of Fandom  
San Tomas Location, Location, Location -- Setting Your Story in an SF World Arduino Presentation   Getting Published Today Researching your Costume!  
Lafayette Disney: Taking Over the World One Fandom at a Time Fanboy Etiquette   No-Lyrics Improv for Singers, Drummers, and Recovering Classical Musicians Self-Promotion and Publicity for Writers   Saturday Concerts
Cypress   Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet (for kids)   Halloween Carnival/Trick Or Treating & Face Painting (Saturday)   Klingon Slave Auction
Camino Real Editors, Agents and other Endangered Species How to Date a God or Goddess   Filk Hope and Parody Charity Auction   The Kink in Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso: A Look at BDSM Imagery in Early Comics Naughty Knots: Alternative Lifestyle Rope Tying
Alameda Jewish Services How to Live With a Creative Person   Mars or the Moon? Or Both? Krypton Radio!   State of Science Fiction
Central BoF: Twilight Making Book Necklaces   Trends in Art Themed Reading: Urban Fantasy II   Friends of Bill W. Eye of Argon Reading (Midnight)
Bayshore Special Effects Make-up - Easy Effects from the Kitchen Craft Swap   Arduino Workshop I Master Crafter Competition (Secret Theme) Geek Fiber Arts (knitting/crochet/embroidery patterns) Chainmail 101 w/SteamPunk Garage Craft Along
Saratoga     Deep Reading, Deep Listening  
Pool Deck   Science Stuff for Youngsters: Simple Kitchen and Backyard Science for the Kids BoF: Hunger Games Music & Magick: Sound, Emotion, & Energy   D(r)ive-In Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Magnolia How To Be a Better Game Master Iron Gamer Design Competition Strange Synergy Star Munchkin Cribbage Tournament
Other 4   Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet  
Other 5 Kids' Spooky Cartoons and Cereal - 3rd floor   Lois McMaster Bujold Autographing (Hallway outside of Main Stage)  


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom B-C-D Zombie Survival with the Knowledge Fairy Toastmaster Interview   Fan Guests of Honor Interview S.J. Tucker and Betsy Tinney Interview   Taiko(7-8) (8:30-10 or later) SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney Concert
Ballroom A Quidditch Discussion Quidditch Demo   Swords and Sorcery: Getting the "Swords" Part Right Fencing Demo with St Michael's Salle d'Armes   Boffers (Sun)  
Winchester World Building Basics Jay Lake Benefit Auction   Women In Science Self-Publishing How-to: Tips and Traps   Still Flyin' -- Firefly LARP
Lawrence We've Got a Barn, Let's Put On a Show! Post-Apocalyptic Fiction   Charity Auction Making Patterns Fit Your Size  
San Tomas Hair Costuming Tricks You Can Do How to Tell one Dragon from another   Historical Costuming How Do You Create a Language for a SF/F World?  
Lafayette Boo! Ack! Eww! Three Ways Horror Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone Fanboy Planet Podcast   Belly Dance Workshop Evolution of Female Characters   Sunday Concerts
Cypress   Marshmallow Engineering   Regency Dance    
Camino Real Character Slam Book Hands-on Activity Live Podcast! Live Recording of The Raven with Audience Participation Live Podcast Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan   Themed Reading: Horror Horrible Disasters, Wicked Women Writers, and Masters of the Macabre Dead Matter screening (midnight)
Alameda Christian Services Themed Reading: Science Fiction   BoF: Vaginal Fantasy Book Club Sex in Space     Themed Reading: Fantasy
Central BoF: Doctor Who     Evolution of Video Games BoF: Building a Better BayCon   Themed Reading: Science Fiction II  
Bayshore Arduino Workshop II Clothing/Costume Swap Stained Glass and Scratchers Special Effect Make-up = Zombie edition Master Crafter Competition (Secret Ingedient) Celtic knots, Friendship bracelets, wallet chains and Fancy Sennets Sewing 101 Craft Along
Saratoga Kaffeeklatsch: Sword & Laser (9:30 - 10:30) A Critique of Your Art Portfolio   Kaffeeklatsch: Lois McMaster Bujold (4:00 - 5:00)  
Pool Deck   BoF: Supernatural   BoF: Honor Harrington Series   D(r)ive-In Movie: Serenity
Magnolia Ticket to Ride Iron Game Designer Judging Miskatonic School for Girls How to Create a Good RPG Character   Late Night Talisman
Other 4   Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet- Teen (Hallway outside of Main Stage)
Other 5     Cryogenic Culinary Academy  


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6
Ballroom A   What Scares Us Now?   Ties that Bind: The Enduring Appeal of Media Tie-in Fiction
Winchester   Girl Centric Stories   Art Auction Closing Ceremonies / Hiss and Purr
Lawrence   Epic Battles: James Bond vs Doctor Who  
San Tomas Lest We Forget... Conversation with the Artistic Solutions Board  
Lafayette The basics of making footwear Frankenstein's 195th Anniversary: Still Scary?   Zombie Apocalypse and the Utopian Tradition
Camino Real Zombie Survival Plan Redux Home Design with the Fan in Mind   How to Build a Real Spaceship
Alameda   BoF: Ingress  
Central BoF: "20 13s" Crossword Puzzle Comfort Reads  
Bayshore Flowers for your hair and hats Leatherwork 101 Embroidery and cross stitch – Blackwork, embelishments and geekery