The Gaming Room provides entertainment galore, from game demos and tournaments to board games, card games, LARPs, and game design (oh my!). Con attendees can check out board and card games for personal use by surrendering their badge to the gaming staff during game play. The gaming room is also open 24 hours, so if you have an itch to play cribbage at two in the morning, you can! A full list of games available for checkout is available from the gaming staff.

The gaming room also features a soda machine for all your caffeination needs! Proceeds from the soda machines will go to this year's charity.

Schedule of Events


5p-? Paranoia/Flatpack crossover

7p-10p Carabande
Carabande is a game of dexterity and physics. Up to 8 players race their caroms around the track by flicking, tapping, or bumping them around corners, through bottle necks, over jumps, and past their fellow racers. Several heats will be run so that any who wish to try their hand at this fast paced and simple to learn game can get in on the fun.

10p-12a Who Would Win
Are you a master linguist? Seriously Persuasive? Just that good at having your way? Prove it.
Match Mighty Mouse vs. Hawking in a contest of Duck Hunting. Take a stance that Michael Jordan can beat Anakin Skywalker in a pie-eating contest.
Your name goes in the newsletter if you out-wit your fellow geeks.


12p-12:30p Iron Game Design Competition
Grab a team and sign up to participate in the Iron Game-Designer Challenge. Four teams will have 24 hours to design and create a game. Board games, card games, or role-playing games are all acceptable, but there is a twist: There will be a theme ingredient that must be included as a relatively main component of your game. After the 24 hours have elapsed, a panel of judges will play your game, and judge it on the following criteria:
Originality, Enjoyability, Ease of Play, and Use of Theme Ingredient.

1p-3p Strange Synergy
In a place beyond time, teams of super-powered fighters battle to the death. For universal mastery? For glory? Or just because there's nothing on TV?
Let's go. Players design their superhero teams and launch them in to battle in this fast-paced and unpredictable card game.

4:30p-730p Star Munchkin
Kill the monsters, Steal the treasure, and stab your buddies in space.

7p-10p Cribbage Tournament
A game of gentlemen and scoundrels dating back to the reign of England's Charles the First, Cribbage is easy to learn but difficult to truly master. Do you have what it takes to skunk your opponents and claim victory? Come and find out!


10a-12p Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride is a multiple award winning cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.

12p-?? Iron Game Design Competition
The 24 hours will be up, and the play-testing by our panel of judges will begin. Once all the games have been played, and the scores are tallied, the winning team will be announced.

2p-4p Miskatonic School for Girls
The Miskatonic School for Girls is a high class private school filled with a wonderful variety of charming children. Unfortunately, the staff of the school is made up by a variety of Cthulhu-ian monsters and cultists - all desperately trying to hide their true selves. In this deck building game, players take the roll of one "House" in the school. During turns, players will add new students to their house (deck), while adding bizarre and mind altering faculty members to the other Houses. Each player tracks their house's sanity on their House Tracker. The last player to have any sanity left in their House wins! while the other houses go stark raving mad.

10p-?? Late Night Talisman
Old school gamers will remember this one: Back in the day, a little company from England called "Games Workshop" actually produced games that didn't involve hundreds of dollars of miniatures per player to play. Games like Chaos Marauders, Space Crusade, and the crown jewel of their line—Talisman! Come and take a trip down memory lane and play a little Talisman, The Magical Quest Game, with us. All of the expansions (except Talisman Dragons) will be in play.


12p-2p Liar's Scrabble
Anyone can make high-scoring words in your favorite tile-slinging word game.
But can you convince your fellow players that "STRONGLEY" is a word before your turn comes up again?
Lie convincingly enough and you can garner those extra 10 points that might put you on top.
Details in the gaming room. Winner draws from the bag.

Special Events

3 Games of Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet - Check Con Schedule for dates and times!
Join our very lovely and talented mistress of mallets Gypsy for a game of croquet. Gear will be provided (BYO Flamingo, but be prepared to clean up after it if you do).

Saturday 7-11 pm - Winchester-"Reality Check-in" LARP
The Hotel Virtuoso is the flagship hotel for the most successful hotel chain on the continent. Today, it will host to one of the most talked-about weddings of the year.
Unfortunately, very little is going as planned. The wedding party finds themselves inexplicably trapped when the world beyond the hotel ceases to exist, along with nearly everyone else on the planet. Mysterious figures appear, with wild claims about doomsday, and it seems that the very fabric of reality may no longer be sound. In this new and terrifying world, the wedding party may be the only thing standing between us and utter destruction.

"Reality Check-in" is a one-night live-action roleplaying game written by Acata Felton, Melissa DeMers, Rachael Monosson, Peter Lofgren, and Matthew Fisher of the Stanford Gaming Society in the MIT Assassins Guild style. If you are interested in playing in "Reality Check-In", please fill out the pre-app: If you decide once arriving on site that you are still interested in playing, please sign up in the gaming room.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Acata Felton

Sunday 7-late night- Winchester- "Still Flyin'" Firefly LARP
Fuel shipments come in to Anubis station about once an Earth standard week. This is usually not a problem, but there was a freak accident yesterday that burned out the reserves. Anubis station sits right near the best passage through "The Wall," the dense, deep asteroid belt that sets the Border worlds apart from the Rim planets. Right now, the corridor is closed for maintenance, with Alliance boats using the asteroids as a gunnery range, and like to shoot anything not running out an Alliance pulse beacon. So four ships are docked here waiting for the fuel transport or the all-clear: Alliance interceptor, Peregrine, Firefly class transport Kitsune, Monarch class long range freighter, Belfast, and Bernard class salvage-refitted-as-colony ship, Beta.

Four ships worth of crew is a whole lot of humanity to be kicking around a 3000 square foot space station, and tensions are like to run high. 'Specially 'cause not all them folks are strangers.