Sunday Panel Descriptions

Kaffeeklatsch: Sword & Laser (9:30 - 10:30) (Saratoga at 9:00 AM)

Arduino Workshop II (Bayshore at 9:00 AM)

BoF: Doctor Who (Central at 9:00 AM)

Welcome to the mumblety regeneration of the Dr. Who BoF.  Come mingle with other fans and swap obscure Whovian references while keeping an eye out for statues.  Warning:  Couches will not be provided.  In case of Dalek activity, attendees must locate their own cover.

Ticket to Ride (Magnolia at 9:00 AM)

Ticket to Ride is a multiple award winning cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.

Christian Services (Alameda at 9:00 AM)

Please join our ecumenical services Sunday morning.

We've Got a Barn, Let's Put On a Show! (Lawrence at 9:00 AM)

Active convention organizers discuss what it takes to start, organize and run a convention. Among many topics, we'll talk about finding a convention site, selecting a staff, and developing a program. Come and learn how to become a "Secret Master of Fandom".

Character Slam Book Hands-on Activity (Camino Real at 9:00 AM)

Emerian Rich will lead a class that will benefit new and seasoned writers along with anyone who just wants to dream up characters.  This can even apply to gamers.

Hair Costuming Tricks You Can Do (San Tomas at 9:00 AM)

Need to know what to do with your hair to make your costume complete?  If you want to learn how to create an elegant French twist or how to use hair pieces to create the look you want, this is the panel for you.  Hands-on training from a licensed cosmetologist and accomplished costumers will have many lucky audience members leaving with a new look for this evening.

Boo! Ack! Eww! Three Ways Horror Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone (Lafayette at 9:00 AM)

Stephen King writes in Danse Macabre there are different kinds of scaring people, dread, revulsion, and shock. All three take the reader somewhere for an exciting ride, from which the reader then gets to escape back into the safety of normal life. Come hear how practicing horror writers push readers out of their comfort zone.

World Building Basics (Winchester at 9:00 AM)

Panelists discuss the basics of world-building. If you are going to set your fantasy or science fiction piece is an alien place, what kinds of things should you think of, prior to doing so?

Quidditch Discussion (Ballroom A at 9:00 AM)

Hey! Want to learn how to play Muggle Quidditch? Want to know what we use as a Bludger? How does the Snitch work? Are you a Keeper or a Chaser? If you want to know how to play and learn about how to be more informed on the sport of Muggle Quidditch, come on down and learn its' "magical' history behind this phenom of a sport that's sweeping the globe (that's right, it's internationally known sport).

Zombie Survival with the Knowledge Fairy (Ballroom B-C-D at 9:00 AM)

(AKA Zombies have taken over, now what?) I had a friend who wasn’t worried about zombies because ‘they move so slow.’ That friend is now nothing more than a chewed up carcass of week-old zombie leftovers. Don’t let that happen to you! Prepare for the worst cast scenario of brain-hungry fiends with this critically important seminar.

A Critique of Your Art Portfolio (Saratoga at 11:00 AM)

Marshmallow Engineering (Cypress at 11:00 AM)

Marshmallow Engineering For Kids: Explore basic principles of load, balance, etc. with the finest possible construction materials: marshmallows! And yes, we will be eating them too so wash your hands first. All kids are welcome, though the youngest engineers will want parent assistance.

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (Lawrence at 11:00 AM)

It keeps being written about - is this a story that never ends?

BoF: Supernatural (Pool Deck at 11:00 AM)

Season 6 is over.  Come mingle with other fans of Sam & Dean.

Themed Reading: Science Fiction (Alameda at 11:00 AM)

Come listen to authors read from their science fiction works.

Clothing/Costume Swap (Bayshore at 11:00 AM)

Bring your clothing, costume pieces, and/or remainders to trade, exchange and bargin.

Iron Game Designer Judging (Magnolia at 11:00 AM)


Live Podcast! Live Recording of The Raven with Audience Participation (Camino Real at 11:00 AM)

Audience Particapation in the recording of a spokky reading of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

Fanboy Planet Podcast (Lafayette at 11:00 AM)

Come be part of the audience as Derek McCaw and the rest of the crew record their Fanboy Planet podcast.  You never know what's going to happen....

How to Tell one Dragon from another (San Tomas at 11:00 AM)

Not all dragons are alike. Simple mistakes in taxonomy can be dangerous to your plot line or your health. In this panel we present dragons in history, myth, and folklore from Asia to New Age.

Jay Lake Benefit Auction (Winchester at 11:00 AM)

Toastmaster Interview (Ballroom B-C-D at 11:00 AM)

Veronica Belmont, interviewed by Tom Merritt. Come by and see who's behind the curtain.

Quidditch Demo (Ballroom A at 11:00 AM)

This is the Quidditch Demo

Stained Glass and Scratchers (Bayshore at 1:00 PM)

Cryogenic Culinary Academy (Other 5 at 2:00 PM)

Join the resident founder of the BayCon Cryogenic Culinary Academy, as he shows kids the wonders of how science mixed with the right ingredients creates a favorite ice cream treat!

Special Effect Make-up = Zombie edition (Bayshore at 2:00 PM)

The Zombies are coming… The Zombies are coming…. The Pirates of Emerson Zombies are coming to teach us how to transform into zombies! For $5 each – Join us and learn how to quickly and easily transform yourself into a zombie.

Miskatonic School for Girls (Magnolia at 2:00 PM)

The Miskatonic School for Girls is a high class private school filled with a wonderful variety of charming children. Unfortunately, the staff of the school is made up by a variety of Cthulhu-ian monsters and cultists - all desperately trying to hide their true selves. In this deck building game, players take the roll of one "House" in the school. During turns, players will add new students to their house (deck), while adding bizarre and mind altering faculty members to the other Houses. Each player tracks their house's sanity on their House Tracker. The last player to have any sanity left in their House wins! while the other houses go stark raving mad.

Evolution of Video Games (Central at 2:00 PM)

From Asteroids and Pong to PC and Xbox 360, our video games have gone from simple to very complex, from simple arcade games to story-driven entertainment to exercises in building complete civilizations. Has the allure increased, or has it turned into a demographic niche? What might be in our video game future? Join the discussion with our panel of Gamers and Game Reviewers.

BoF: Vaginal Fantasy Book Club (Alameda at 2:00 PM)

For fans of the meetup. Live Podcast (Camino Real at 2:00 PM) – Come hear readings from the Horrible Disasters anthology, talk to the podcast staff, and find out about their writer’s contests, Wicked Women Writers and Masters of Macabre.

Charity Auction (Lawrence at 2:00 PM)

Another benefit auction for BayCon 2013's official charity, the California Autism Foundation. There will be lots of great stuff to bid on.

Belly Dance Workshop (Lafayette at 2:00 PM)

Always wanted to learn how to belly dance? Need a few pointers for your next dance in the Casbah? Join instructor Mary Cordero for some hip-rolling fun.

Historical Costuming (San Tomas at 2:00 PM)

Historical costuming can be complicated and technical, but you can wear accurate historical costumes without a lot of muss and fuss, too. Panelists discuss some of the essentials you'll need to get started in historical costuming.

Women In Science (Winchester at 2:00 PM)

Panelists discuss the issues of women developing technical skills, including the development of their careers. How do you encourage girls and women to enter scientific and technical fields? What hurdles need to be vaulted, and where do you aim the pole? Women of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Fan Guests of Honor Interview (Ballroom B-C-D at 2:00 PM)

An interview with our Fan Guests of Honor. Discover what makes John and Chris such wonderful gifts to fandom.

Swords and Sorcery: Getting the "Swords" Part Right (Ballroom A at 2:00 PM)

Join us as we discuss some commonly-held misconceptions about historical martial practice.  We'll cover the weight and design of weapons and armor, the role of the knight in society, and the evolution of fighting technique and weapons in the 13th through 18th centuries.

Kaffeeklatsch: Lois McMaster Bujold (4:00 - 5:00) (Saratoga at 4:00 PM)

Here's your chance to chat with Lois in an intimate setting, limited to 10 attendees. Sign-up begins at 9:00 am on Saturday, at the Info Desk. (BYO Coffee/Tea)

Alice's Through the Looking Glass Croquet- Teen (Hallway outside of Main Stage) (Other 4 at 4:00 PM)

Join our very lovely and talented mistress of mallets Gypsy for a game of croquet. Gear will be provided (BYO Flamingo, but be prepared to clean up after it if you do). Teens only please.

BoF: Honor Harrington Series (Pool Deck at 4:00 PM)

Do you do it for the Honor of the Queen?  Do you Rise to the Test?  Do you work to restore the Constitution or end the corruption?  Come discuss the books of the Honorverse. 

Making Patterns Fit Your Size (Lawrence at 4:00 PM)

Beautiful big people, slight people, tall people, not so tall people. What works best for your height and build? After you buy that great pattern, how do you make it fit properly? Our panelists show you how to alter the pattern, using a combination of drafting techniques and fitting techniques.

Master Crafter Competition (Secret Ingedient) (Bayshore at 4:00 PM)

Sunday’s Master Crafter will have a secret ingredient – Think Iron chef but with craft supplies. Each entry will have to include the secret ingredient in the entry. How this works: 2-2:10 – Presentation of the SECRET INGREDIENT 2:15-3:15 – Participants have exactly 1 hour to create something, and get it to the judges table. Judges will only judge what is on the judges table by the time the buzzer rings. 3:15-3:30 – Presentations, explanations and judging. 3:30-3:45 – AWARDS

How to Create a Good RPG Character (Magnolia at 4:00 PM)

Beyond the die rolling and stats - what makes a good RPG Character? What detracts from a character?

Sex in Space (Alameda at 4:00 PM)

Kind of self-explanatory - 'nuff said!

BoF: Building a Better BayCon (Central at 4:00 PM)

Brainstorm what you'd like to see at future BayCons. Volunteering is strictly optional.

Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan (Camino Real at 4:00 PM)

Join Cassini team member Bridget Landry as she shares the latest pictures and news from the probe to Saturn and its moon Titan.

Evolution of Female Characters (Lafayette at 4:00 PM)

From damsels in distress to sword-wielding, gun-toting, and military masterminds, have women found their place, or are they 'feminized' men? Do the women truly reflect changing attitudes about the roles of women?

How Do You Create a Language for a SF/F World? (San Tomas at 4:00 PM)

Author and linguist Juliette Wade discusses the language creation process with David J. Peterson, the language creator for Game of Thrones and Defiance.

Self-Publishing How-to: Tips and Traps (Winchester at 4:00 PM)

So you've decided to self-publish? Indie pros share their knowledge, mistakes, and successes.

Fencing Demo with St Michael's Salle d'Armes (Ballroom A at 4:00 PM)

St. Michael's Salle D'Armes will be presenting a demonstration on the historical and proper use of weapons from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. Their knights will fight for your entertainment, followed by a demonstration of Cut-and-Thrust (Side Sword) and Rapier. Audience members will also have the opportunity to take a brief lesson with the long sword.

S.J. Tucker and Betsy Tinney Interview (Ballroom B-C-D at 4:00 PM)

Celtic knots, Friendship bracelets, wallet chains and Fancy Sennets (Bayshore at 6:00 PM)

Join us and learn some need variations on chained knots. We will be teaching friendship bracelet, celtic/nautical knots and fancy sennets. All supplies are provided.

Still Flyin' -- Firefly LARP (Winchester at 7:00 PM)

Fuel shipments come in to Anubis station about once an Earth standard week. This is usually not a problem, but there was a freak accident yesterday that burned out the reserves. Anubis station sits right near the best passage through “The Wall,” the dense, deep asteroid belt that sets the Border worlds apart from the Rim planets. Right now, the corridor is closed for maintenance, with Alliance boats using the asteroids as a gunnery range, and like to shoot anything not running out an Alliance pulse beacon. So four ships are docked here waiting for the fuel transport or the all-clear: Alliance interceptor, Peregrine, Firefly class transport Kitsune, Monarch class long range freighter, Belfast, and Bernard class salvage-refitted-as-colony ship, Beta. Four ships worth of crew is a whole lot of humanity to be kicking around a 3000 square foot space station, and tensions are like to run high. ‘Specially ‘cause not all them folks are strangers.

Sewing 101 (Bayshore at 7:00 PM)

Join Lynn Gold as she takes you through the basics of sewing on a machine. Better yet, make some thing you can use – a shopping bag. No seriously, no where in this area will give you a bag with your groceries anymore… But if I have to bring a bag, it should be strong, sturdy and unique. We will have some sewing machines available to work on (and even some for sale if you want to take one home), but we recommend that you bring in your machine if you have one. It will be much easier to work on a machine you already know than to learn a new one… also if you learn one, its easier if it you can take it home and now have to relearn a whole new machine. (That made sense to someone right?) All you need to bring is an old pair of jeans or khaki’s to transform into your new bag. This is a great way to recycle old pants that are getting worn out, have hole in the knees or that no longer fit.

Themed Reading: Horror (Camino Real at 7:00 PM)

Come listen to our writers reading from their horror fiction.

Sunday Concerts (Lafayette at 7:00 PM)

7:00 - 7:30: Betsy Tinney 7:30 - 8:00: Loren Davidson 8:00 - 8:30: Jim Partridge 8:30 - 9:30: Tim Griffin 9:30 - 10:30: Paul Kwinn & Taunya Gren 10:30 - 11:00: Heather and Alison Stern 11:00 - Very Late: Open Filking

Taiko(7-8) (Ballroom B-C-D at 7:00 PM)

Wadaiko Newark was formed in November 2002 and is a Taiko group formed in cooperation with the Newark Unified School District and serving the people in Alameda County, California. As part of the local school system, we are able to offer adult evening classes through Adult Education and children’s classes on Saturdays through Wadaiko Newark Children's Group. Our Dojo (A Dojo is "a place for studying". Lit: the place of the way. A Taiko dojo would be a place for learning taiko.) is located at Newark Unified School District, 35777 Cedar Boulevard, Newark, CA. Head Instructor: S. Eustice Instructors: T. Eustice & B. Chu.

Boffers (Sun) (Ballroom A at 7:00 PM)


Regency Dance (Cypress at 8:00 PM)

The English Regency was just over a decade, but it has had a broad influence on everything from literature to music and dance. Don't worry if you don't know the steps -- expert Alan Winston will teach you as he calls the dances.  Another evening of genteel dances and stately, mannerly fun!

D(r)ive-In Movie: Serenity (Pool Deck at 9:00 PM)

Joss Whedon's famous 'Western in Space.' Fly with the Firefly crew once more.

Themed Reading: Fantasy (Alameda at 9:00 PM)

Come listen to authors read from their fantasy works.

Craft Along (Bayshore at 9:00 PM)

Come join us and get your craft on. We will have open crafting time in our space each night from 9-close. We have many simple projects that are available to be worked on, as well as some more challenging ones too. Bring a project you’ve already been working on, or come explore our project binders and start something new. There will be limited supplies available for new craft projects. But don’t worry – I’m certain we can set you up on a project you’ll enjoy. Think of this like the game room, with space to work on something, and people willing to help teach as we can. There will likely be music, laughter and conversations galore as we craft along.

Late Night Talisman (Magnolia at 9:00 PM)

Old school gamers will remember this one: Back in the day, a little company from England called "Games Workshop" actually produced games that didn't involve hundreds of dollars of miniatures per player to play. Games like Chaos Marauders, Space Crusade, and the crown jewel of their line—Talisman! Come and take a trip down memory lane and play a little Talisman, The Magical Quest Game, with us. All of the expansions (except Talisman Dragons) will be in play.

Themed Reading: Science Fiction II (Central at 9:00 PM)

Horrible Disasters, Wicked Women Writers, and Masters of the Macabre (Camino Real at 9:00 PM)

Come hear readings from the Horrible Disasters anthology, talk to the podcast staff, and find out about their writer’s contests, Wicked Women Writers and Masters of Macabre.

(8:30-10 or later) SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney Concert (Ballroom B-C-D at 9:00 PM)

Come listen to our Musical Guests of Honor SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney perform.

Dead Matter screening (midnight) (Camino Real at 11:00 PM)

Screening of Dead Matter which is the story of a vampire relic with occult powers that falls into the hands of a grief-stricken young woman who will do anything to contact her dead brother.